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Technology Partners

Pre Harvest

  • Opus Insights Den Haag (www.opusinsights.nl)

    Maintain a record ofgrowing conditions and traceability, and offer suggestions to enhance cultivation, environmental conditions, and supply chain management.

  • Triple 20 Wageningen (www.triple20.biz)

    General inspections of pre-harvest operations, field practices, and export packing for Indian bananas

Post Harvest

  • VDH Products BV Roden (www.vdhproducts.nl)

    Software for ripening bananas that also works for avocados and mangoes

  • BG Door International (www.bgdoor.com)

    Doors and a covering system for ripening bananas that are airtight

  • De Laat Koudetechniek BV Ammerzoden (www.delaat.nl)

    Test ripening container

  • Popma Fruit Expertise (www.popmafruitexpertise.nl)

    Procedures for ripening as well as training for local staff members in ripening and administration of processes.


Increased Shelf Life

Because of the protocol and technology that we've implemented, we can guarantee that the shelf life of bananas at retail locations will be increased by four days. The practice of a Cold store in the Ripening Centre, enables capturing at least a portion of the extension of shelf life of 28 days for bananas.

Best Quality

Because we purchase seeds that have been used for at least five years and have been selected by labs that have been using them for at least five years, we know that their quality will meet our expectations even before we plant them. And since we make use of cutting-edge technology, we can ripen the bananas at the ideal temperature, which guarantees the fruit's, natural sweetness.

Evenly colored with minimal black spots

Since we are working with the right grade of tissue culture saplings with known yield parameters, and we are employing proper protocols there is a guarantee about the blemish free and even coloration for the bananas' in advance. We employ the most suitable packaging technology and ensurethatthe bananas are ripened in an appropriate environment,which results in minimizing the black spots on the fruit.


In order to turn a profit and provide for the needs of our company, our customers can choose from essentially four different goods and services that we provide.

Banana Ripening center-Cycle Model

This is our principal source of revenue, and it allows us to Link Growing Areas with City Based Consumption centres with controlled ripening process of properly handled bananas post-harvest, thus having a control on wastage and maintaining their look, taste and flavor and ensuring that they stay as fresh as possible before consumption.

Ripening centers

Our client requests that we build ripening centers for them, and in exchange, we charge them for the service. As we have very controlled and monitored system parameters with process protocols, we can ensure that the unblemished look, with even coloring, along with properly developed taste due to starch to sugar conversion, and appropriate shelf-life post purchase are achieved.

Contract Farming

We provide a service in which we receive contracts from various farmers in order to cultivate bananas with our protocols and provide them with the highest yield output and best practices for pre and post-harvest. With this, we can connect them with our Franchisee Ripening Centres, thus giving both the best opportunity for better returns with control on wastage.

Expandable Containers

These Expandable Containers are insulated & temperature-controlled spaces for the farm gate locations and are aptly termed as First Mile Initiative for Sorting, Grading, Holding, Cold Storage for Shelf-life extension, & Drying, Packing prior to Dispatch to the next point of the Cold Chain. These Shelters can be Fixed or Mobile.


Increase in Product Variety:

In the future, we would like to turn our focus to other varieties of Bananas along with other climacteric fruit which need to ripen at the Terminal Market Stage. These fruits are Papaya, Mango, Avocado and Persimmons.

Increase our Ripened output based on Daily Consumption & No of Centres:

In the future, our goal is to propose at least one Centre in each of the Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities with a ripened output linked to the daily consumption of that population, and thus link larger growing areas with consumption points.

Use of innovative technology:

In the future, we want to deploy AI in imaging and ensuring traceability and disease control with maturity and help link the best practices with protocols until the placement into the terminal market or e-retail.

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