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Banana Ripening Chamber

Designed to imitate the ripening process that occurs in nature while maintaining the original flavor and freshness. Aurick Initiatives provides focused solutions such as conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, and implementing cold infrastructure requirements to cater to the needs of a variety of industries. Aurick Initiatives has expertise across the full spectrum of Banana and Avocado ripening chambers, Pre-cooling chambers, cold storage construction, and refrigeration systems.

Banana Ripening Center

Our engineering section specializes in setting up ripening facilities for climacteric fruits including bananas, avocados, mangoes, and papayas, among other climacteric fruits. It is laid out on about 20,000 square feet with a PEB (38.6m * 41.24m * 5m)

Contract Farming

Our agricultural division seeks for and manages banana plantations that are open to maximize the value of their final goods, and it does so by identifying and working with farms that meet these criteria.

Expandable Containers

Our research and development department has created a state-of-the-art expanding container. This container has a variety of applications, including Agricultural activities and Housing projects in distant regions.

Value chain

This is the ideal model of the value chain that should be followed for bananas in order to deliver the end items to consumers in other countries:

Exporting country

The bananas are harvested in the country that is doing the exporting (India), and after the harvesting, they are appropriately packaged using all of the cleaning techniques that have been employed. And last but not least, the items are then shipped to various countries in accordance with the orders that were placed.

Importing country

Bananas are sorted and graded only once in the Green stage. Post Ripening, in the Centre, they are shipped in the package as received either crate or carton.

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+91 9884090759